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Our Factory

Factory in Singapore Kaki Bukit

Updated: 8 June 2023

Dear Customer,

Guide for self collection or walk in customer. We have put up the banner for customer to identify us easier. Above photo is our exact factory unit from JTC.

Please kindly give us a call or email before heading down and our sales team will standby to assist in any enquires/viewing.

Enquires/Appointment: 8761 9328

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Secure Payment Gateway


Dear customer,

Please see below our service to provide customer with a safe and secure purchase in Plywood-Online (Singapore).


By using reputable payment method online. PayPal is one of the safest mode for online purchase, if there is any issue regarding the purchase. The full amount will be able to refunded to customer by PayPal. In our website, upon checking out using PayPal option, customer will be directed to PayPal official website. Please note PayPal support credit card payment too. This payment mode is fully integrated by and WordPress is our official web host for

Credit to PayPal:


STRIPE is one of the most reputable and secure payment mode for credit card user. Similarly to PayPal, if there is any issue regarding the purchase. The full amount will be able to refunded to customer by STRIPE. In our website, upon checking out using STRIPE – VISA or MASTERCARD, customer will be directed to STRIPE official website. This payment mode is fully integrated by and WordPress is our official host for Plywood-Online.

Credit to STRIPE:

Paynow / Paylah

As a local in Singapore, many of us know Paynow and Paylah. These payment mode joined by all the banks for customer to enjoy a quick and secure transaction in Singapore. Paynow/ Paylah is a fund transfer service that is tied to individual NRIC/FIN or mobile number, this details are tied to individual bank account. By sending payment on Paynow/ Paylah the bank is able to keep track of fraud or scam.

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Renovation and carpentry work completed with our quality plywood

Kitchen Cabinet

Renovation and carpentry work

Connected with many professional company.
We have since completed many renovation work in Singapore HDB, Condo, Private, Commercial estate.
We use only our quality plywood to build and customize all our carpentry product.

Feel free to contact us for more information
  • Antique Book Shelf
  • Platform Bed
  • Retro Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Customize Wardrobe
  • Kitchen Cabinet
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Cut to size- By Our Professional Carpenter

plywood design box 2
plywood design box 3
Plywood design box – By Plywood-Online (Singapore)
Plywood stand with formica side view
Plywood stand with formica side view

Offering competitive price cut to size online and 5 star service by our team, we are here for customer to choose the genuine local supplier. Visit our online shop add to cart for direct purchase

Fully handmade DIY Customize by Plywood-Online (Singapore).
Professional carpenter workmanship by Plywood-Online (Singapore).
Five star service provided to customer by Plywood-Online (Singapore).

See us on Facebook

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Choosing Plywood

White PVC plywood with edge banding

PVC Plywood

Type of plywood commonly used for carpentry design. Such as Wardrobe, shelving, cabinet.
PVC laminate plywood come with one sided or two sided (PVC Front or PVC Front & Back)
The advantage of using it compared to traditional normal plywood.

  • Do not need regular maintenance.
  • Have a smooth finished surface.
  • The PVC side are impermeable and provide a minimum water resistant.

PVC Edge Banding

Optional – Edge banding for PVC plywood

  • PVC edge band are glued onto plywood edges by our skilled carpenter.
  • For amateur the edge banding are always done misaligned or having ugly gaps.
  • Our skilled carpenter are able to install the edge banding perfectly.
  • PVC edge bands are impermeable, provide minimum water resistant.
  • Can be installed on curve surfaces.

Normal Plywood

Plywood is made by gluing and compressing thin layers of wood veneer.
The advantage of using plywood

  • Affordable price.
  • Light weight and good durability.
  • Can be used for support.
  • Good for DIY.
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Notice: Website details

Plywood Hero Banner 3

Dear Customer,

We are constantly updating our new Ecommerce shop to serve you better.
Our store will be adding more affordable and quality items.


Below on how we build our Ecommerce Online Shop.
For customer and entrepreneur business owner that wishes to know more.

– Website and host build by the best and reputable company : Https://

Above mentioned website solution we use to build “” is renown in the Ecommerce market. Example of similar website builder such as Shopify, Wix, Bigcommerce is available too.

Entrepreneur business owner that wishes to know more and work with us, please feel free to drop us an email.

For any feedback and suggestion

please feel free to contact us @ whatsapp 8761 9328 or Email us @

Thank you for visiting our website.

Plywood Singapore

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What is plywood?

Multiple normal plywood

There are many types of plywood in the market:

  • Softwood plywood
  • Hardwood plywood
  • Tropical plywood
  • Aircraft plywood
  • Decorative plywood (overlaid plywood)
  • Flexible plywood
  • Marine plywood
  • Other plywoods

Singapore and Malaysia

There are many suppliers using different material to manufacture plywood. Sometime we hear from friend that their kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, toilet cabinet did not even last a few years. These is where the problem come in, there are too many type of plywood material used in Singapore.

For most of us plywood supplier, we know that our plywood are graded in A,B,C,D and the commonly used grade for carpentry company and home is B or C.

It’s not just the grade of the plywood that is important when selecting it for your house cabinet, shelfs or table. The professional machine used to fabricate and produce the plywood is also very important. By using handsaw or electric saw to cut the plywood will damage the wood itself and causes uneven surface at the edges.

In our case, we use professional machine saw to cut the woods. We also use only the most affordable and reasonable grade. Our plywood is the grade nearest to B meaning that we can assure customer that the plywood will be solid and lasting.

From our photo below, our customer request us to DIY a simulation table for his children to play strategic army warfare games.

The table is made by us and completed with our solid plywood.

plywood table
Customise plywood table, Singapore, wood